Tekniska Högskolan i Jönköping


Produktutveckling och design
Högskoleingenjörsexamen i Maskinteknik, inriktning Produktutveckling och design, 180 hp
Utveckla produkter genom kreativitet, innovativ förmåga, expertis och ett metodiskt tillvägagångssätt med stor hänsyn till marknadens krav, produktens funktion, form och användbarhet samt förståelse för hela produktutvecklingsprocessen.

This Master's programme provides the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and creativity within the area of industrial design. You will learn more about the whole design process from a human point of view, with a focus on usability, ergonomics, aesthetics, materials and production, as well as drafting techniques and visualisation.

The courses has an interdisciplinary approach and is guided by the relationship between humans and products. The programme provides students the opportunity to use a variety of tools to quickly visualize ideas and concepts in order to develop their creativity in the design studio and through model workshops. Students also learn to formulate and present ideas and solutions and identify new products and opportunities. A considerable part of this Master's programme is run in project form, implementing projects in collaboration with a company.